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Children's Literature Copy
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Midterm Summary & Reflections

March 2009

I feel that I am gain more confident as the class goes on.  My confidence we the class first started really wasn’t that high.  But as the class goes on and on I have notice I have gain more and more confidence in myself and what I am teaching the students at Tibbetts.  I am gaining confidence well in the entry level of Language Arts and Competency.  Everyday I am gaining added confidence in the entry level of Language Arts that will help me succeed later on in my educational future.

Stories can help us realize that we are all diversified in are own way, and that all of are life’s could end up being story of some sort for some person out there who is willing to listen.  I have learned that you have to use different techniques of teaching to get the students interested in the lesson.  Some of the strategies I have leaned are that to make the lesson interesting and engaging for the students so that they are will to learn the skills necessary to be successful.  I think I am learning the skills and strategies need to be a successful teacher pretty well for this being on entry level Language Arts class.  I have also gained the skills that you can incorporate outside source for a lesson so that the students would better understand what the lesson entails.

I am gain a vast knowledge and understand of children literature along with a variety of genres.  Before this class I didn’t know that so many genres exist and how to classify a book by its genre but now that’s to this class me knows how to do this thanks to this class. Now by knowing the genres I know which ones I like to read and which ones I don’t like to read.  I do okay in engage children in literacy discussions and literature experiences. By taking this class I hope to gain more knowledge on how to engage children in literacy discussions and the literature experiences.  This will help me to better teach the children about literacy.  I am sometimes afraid to collaborate with others because I think that they my think that my questions are stupid because I don’t understand or have never done this before.  I believe that I am learning a lot of valuable professional knowledge for being an intro level class.  I am learning it as best I can so that I can maybe use this knowledge in the near future.

The experience that I bring into this course is that I have been in the school system for a couple of years as a teacher assistant and I know how hard it is to get through to students.  I understand that you must always have a positive attitude when you are teaching students a new concept. I don’t think that any of my prior knowledge spiral my knowledge in the entry-level course because I have not taken a course where you need to understand the genre of all children books.  I never know that there were this many genres of children’s books out there I just that there was fiction, non-fiction, and picture I didn’t know that there was more than that until I started taking this class, that is when Ms. Vital taught me about all the other genres that there are for novel’s.

I have had to reflect on my own experiences in learning and understanding how to write it was rally hard for me to grasp the understanding and technique o the writing process need to succeed in school.  Because of this it made my times in school very difficult.  I have learned the way you communicate can affect the way that the students react towards you.  I have not learned very well on how to be a reflective practitioner.  I know I have had trouble teaching the students about poetry but it is hard to teach students about poetry when you really don’t understand or write it yourself.