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Children's Literature Copy
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Final Summary & Reflections

        I was exteremly my confidence by the time the final week of class come.  I now have extremely excellent confidence in an entry-level Language arts Compentencies for this course.  I have a better understand of book genre and how to identify what genre the books that i read are.  I never thought n that I would be able to do this but her I am able to tell which genre it was.
       I am able to challeneg myself to approach new and different things with a positive attitude.  I have learned what every skills you implement to your students you better be able to demonstrate them yourself before you can actually ask your students to demonstrate them.  By you need to have an excellent understand of the skills you are try to teach your students.  During the last class of teaching poetry I had learned that I did know how to wrote different kinds of poetry that I thought I could never do becuase noone had ever challenge me to write poetry.  So I learned what ever assignment you ask your students to do you need to also do it yourself as a teacher.  I have learned the skills well enough that if i had to write poetry i could actually do it without saying I can't.
    I did not realize how many different genre's there was in children literature, but by the end of my childrens literature class I knew and understood all of the genre's of my children's literature class. I have trouble engaging children in literary discussions because i fear that they will think that i do not know what i am taking about.  Since taking this class i feel that i can collabrate a whole lot better with others than i did before when the class had just begun.  I am learning professional content knowledge pretty good in this entry level Language Arts Comptencies thanks to many of my classmates and my teacher MS. Vitali who help me to better understand the content knowledge that I need to be successful student in this children literarcy class.

      The experience and knowledge that i had brought into this class was not very much.  They only experience that i had was that i had worked with children or students before in the school system.  But i did not have much knowledge of literarcy and language arts before this class.  But as the class went on i gained more and more knowledge in literarcy and language arts.  I now have a better understanding of literarcy and language arts which i all gained from this class.   Will my prior experience has spiraled my level of understanding in the entry level Language Arts Compentency to a whole new meaning.
       I have learned to be a better reflective practitioner by always reflecting on what had went on in the teaching or literature session. Also by what a reflective statement help me to figure out what I need to improve and how I could nake the lesson more enjoyable and interesting for the students.  This would help me to have my engaged conversation with the students that I was teaching poetry with.  I had a great time teaching those poetry students at tibbetts about poetry I gained more needed knowlege that i will be able to use in my teaching career later on in life.

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