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The tale of Benjamin Benny                                Beatrix Potter (Picture)

Fun with Dick and Jane                                       Scott Foresmen (Picture)

Busy Wheels                                                        Peter Lippman (Picture)

Frog and the Toad All Year               Arnold Lobel (Picture)

Not MyDog                                                          Colby Rodowsky(Picture)

Love is Forever                                                    Robert Munsch(Pict.)(Poetry)

100 days of school                                                 Anne & Liz Rockwell (Picture)

5 little monkeys with nothing to do                        Eileen Christelow (Picture)

Frog and Toad are friends                                      Arnold Lobel (Picture)

What’s Cooking Jenny Archer                                Ellen Conford (Picture)

Earthquake in the early morning                             Mary Pope Osborne (Picture)

Upstairs Mouse, Downstairs Mole                         Wong Herbert Yee (Picture)

Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?                            Dr. Suess (Picture)

Anne & Snowball & the Dress Up Birthday          Theodor Suess Geisel (Picture)

Drummer Hoff                                                        Barbara & Ed Emberley (Picture)

A Busy Day at Mr. Kang’s Grocery Store       Alice K. Flanagan-Christine Osinski (Picture)

The Day God Came                                                T. Berry (Picture)

Frog and Toad Together                     Arnold Lobel (Picture)

Seven Blind Mice                                                   Ed Young (Picture)

The Magic Fish                                                    Freya Littledale (Picture)

My Map Book                                                       Sara Fanelli (Picture)

The Paper Bag Princess                                   Robert Munsch (Picture)

The Butter Battle Book                                    Dr. Suess (picture)

The Big Orange Spot                                        Daniel Manus (Picture)

Phil the Ventriloquist                                       Robert Kraus(Picture)

Listen To The City                                             Racheal Isadora (Picture)

The Gum Chewing Rattler                               Joe Hayes (Picture)

Vote                                                                       Eileen Christelow (Picture)

Dr. Pompo's Nose                                               Saxton Freeman (Picture)

Picasso                                                                  Mike Venezia (Picture)

Sarah's Story                                                       Bill Harley (Picture)

Rumplelstiltskin                                                 Paul Galdone (Picture)

Spread Your wings and Fly                                Carla McGregor Mihelich (Picture)

The Three Grumpies                                          Tamara Wight

The Polar Express                                               Chris Van Allsburg (Picture)

Birthdays                                                              Brenda Haugen (Picture)

The Rainbow Goblins                                          Ul de Rico

Yellow -Eye                                                            David Spillman (Picture)

Selena, the Mouse and the  Giant Cat              Susi Bohdal (Picture)


Holes                                                                     Louis Sachar (Realistic Fiction)

Pedro’s Journal                                                   Pam Conrad (Realistic Fiction)

Geromino                                                              Bill & Dorcas Thompson(RF)

Esperanza                                                             Pam Munoz (Realistic Fiction)

Going to school during the civil rights          Movement Rachel Koestler (RF)


The Civil War                                                     Shirley Jordan (Historical Fiction)

Civil War Moment in History            Shirley Jordan (Historical Fiction)

 Early Civilization Ancient Rome       Muriel L. Dubios (Hist. Fiction)

The School is not White! A true story of the civil rights Movement

                                                             Doreen Rapport (Hist. Fiction)


Spain                                                   Debbie L. Yanuck (Inform. Fiction)

The Hundred Penny Box                    Sharon Bell Mathis (Non Fiction)

One day in the tropical rain forest                   Jean Craighead George (nf)

New Mexico                                        Ron Watts & Steve Penner (If)

 The Story of  Stage Coach Mary Fields         Robert H. Miller (non fiction)

We the people The Pony Express                     Jean Kenny Williams (Nonfiction)


Lost in lost Vegas                                                Don Greenburg (Science Fiction)

 The Iron Giant                                                     Ted Hughes (Science Fiction)


Rudolph the red-nose reindeer                               Robert L. May (Picture) (Poetry)

Rudolph’s Second Christmas                                 Robert L. May (Picture) (Poetry)

Earthshake Poems from the ground up                   Lisa Westberg Peters (Pic.) (Poem)

Navajo Visons & Voices Across the Mesa Shonte Begay  (IF)(Poetry)

Epic of the American People                                  Rudolfo Gonzales  (Poetry)


Tales of the Shimmering Sky                          Susan Mulord (Folktales)

El Cucuy!                                                             Joe Hayes & Honorio Robledo(folktales)

La Llorna                                                              Rudolfo Anaya (Folkltales) (Picture)

Bless Me Ultima                                                  Rudolfo Anaya (Hist Fict) (Folktales)

The Day It Snowed Tortillas                             Joe Hayes (Folktales)

Jokes For Jokers                                               (Folktales)



In Their Own Words Abraham Lincoln                 George Sullivan (Biography)

I Have A Dream The Story of MLK                        Margaret Davidson (Biography)

SteamBoat! The Story of Captain Blanche Leathers   Judith Heide Gilliland (Bio.)(Pic)

Planting The Trees of Kenya                   Claire A. Nivola (Bio.)(Pict.)

John Muir America's First Enviornmentalist  Kathryn Lasky (Bio.)


The Fairy House Fairy Riding Schools     Kelly Mckain  (Fantasy)

The Fairy House Fairies to the Rescue   Kelly Mckain (Fantasy)

The Prince and the Pond                          Donna Jo Napoli (Fantasy)

The Fairy House Fairy House                  Kelly McKain (Fantsy)


Wonder Women                                       George Perez (Graphic Novel)

The Advent. of Tintin The Crab w/the golden claws (Little Brown) (GN)

The Fantastic Four                                  (Mark Waid) (Graphic Novel)

The Events of 911                                    (Graphic Novel)


Time Wrap Trio Meet you at Waterloo  Jon Scieszka (Manga) 


What's the opposite of a best Friend     A. Bates (Contemporary Fict)

MisMash and the Substitute Teacher   Molly Cone (Contemporary Fic)

Fig Pudding                                            Ralph Fletcher (Contemp. Fict)

What My Sister Remembered              Marilyn Sachs(Contemp. Fiction)


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