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Children's Literature Copy
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The Day It Snowed Tortillas- It is a book that depicts a various amount of folktales from various different cultures all in one book.  There are about eight different folktale stories in this one book.
The Gum Chewing Rattler - Is about a little boy who was always chewing bubble gum no matter where he was at.  His mom would always get mad at him because the gum that was in his shirt pocket  always made a terrible mess in the wash.  Will oneday this boy happen to be walking around out in the desert , daydreaming and not paying attention to where he was going. This is when he stepped on the rattlesankes tail or rattler.
Bless Mi Ultima- Is a folktale that come from the culture of the spanish or mexican culture.  It is a bout how a lengend or myth just like the Llorna orginates and how it can provide hopes dream and frustations throughout yourlife.
!El Cucuy!- It is a mythical or legendary folktale about the bogeyman.  Was once part of children rearing.  Many people of the Mexican and Mexican Anerican cultures tell you about how they grew up with El Cucuy.  And there were many stories of misbehaved children whose feet were set back on the straight and narrow path by an encounter with this orge.  This is a good tale of good and bad boys and girls and how they went good because the were afraid of El Cucuy.

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