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Children's Literature Copy
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Inivited Guests

Tibbets Poetry Class Teacher
Leah Finch -is a teacher from tibbetts who is letting us gain teaching knowledge by letting us teach her students about poetry.  The students will learn how to better develop there poems and also on how to became better creative writters.
Louise may Hoffman - Gives an overview of here life and how successful she has become during her lifetime.  We also learned that  she has been an elementary school teacher, a librarian, a music teacher, and a co-owner and manager of a country store in Vermont. Currently she is employed at the San Juan College Library as the Library Director.  She has also written here first autobiography book. The title of the book is Goulash and Picking Pickles.  During the time she was an invited guests she brought her book so that we could see what it look like and how she organized the life of her events in her lifetime.  While looking through the book I had notice there were a lot of recipes which she had used to cook with at home.  She will be retiring the San Juan college library and will be teaching English in Bulgria, to high school students, and also being a liasion to the elementery teachers there in Bulgria.
Kathy Schlapp- She was an invited guest who is the Youth Services Coordinator at the Farmington Public Library.  She showed us all of the books they have at the public library in the juvenile section and how we could research or look it up in there catlog under there genre.  This way we could find the books that we need to read in the different genres and where we need to go to find them. 

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