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Children's Literature Copy
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Poetry Unit

I am Poem
I am friendly and considerate.
I am an aquarius.
I am sometimes a royal pain in the ass.
I am a gentle human being who is very caring and compassinate towards others.
I am a extreme Dallas Cowboy football fan.
I am very fond of Walt Disney World.
I am known to have been called Tina Turner during my childhood lifetime.

The sport of volleyball is an awesome sportin event.
It involves spikin, bumpin, settin, and servin a big white soft leather ball, over a net into your opponents faces. With this sportin event you can smack and slam the ball into the opponents faces. By doing this you will not get in trouble for smackin the ball as hard as you possible can. By playin volleyball it can help you realease some aggression you may have accumlated through out the day.  By being able to smack the heck out of the ball you can relieve some pain.
Football is rough. Football is like two men with boxing gloves fighting one another. Football is young men knock each other around. Football is a game played with a pig skin sphere like ball that can be throw in around or kicked around.  Football is like roaring thunder on a cloudy day Football is young men beatin one another into the ground .  Football is a game of two teams tryin too score the most possibe points before the game cames to a halt.

Around the world traveling country to country not known what you will see.  Along with what kind of adventure will they encounter.  Many things to see different cultures, faces, food and beliefs.  Many ways to get there from here to there.  Boats, planes, cars, trains, and buses.  New adventures, passports  to new portals.  Flying, walking, strolling, conversing within lands never leaving my chair, hands traveling through time with the turn of each new page.  A day lingres on by.