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Tibbetts Poetry Lessons/Reflections

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I have had trouble coming up with lessons on poetry for my group of students at Tibbetts.  I had my students come up with four topics that they would want to write a poem on as a group. That way we could have a topic for are poetry circle.  I was the word generater for are topic are topic is Football.  Words I came up with rough-roughhousing,aggresive,brutal, and ironbound.

March 18, 2009
My reflections from my tibbetts teaching is that it is very interesting and different.  Have learned that it is hard to teach a subject that you don't really understand that well yourself.  But i am trying to understand it so that i can better teach my students at tibbetts about the subject of poetry.  I know have a better meaning and understanding of what poetry is and how to be able to write it as well.  So now maybe I can get my students to get more ingaged in writting more in depth poetry about what ever they desire nor what ever they feel at that point in time.
April 13
I am team teaching with frances Vitali we played a game with cards with the different kinds of poetry.  We talked about a concrete poem which is when your poem is the shape of your visual object that the students want to design or use.  We also as them to read there simile and metaphor poem that they had created last Thursday in class with there teacher.  They also had to read there family relation poems that they were suppose to generate from last week.  Ms. Vitali had individual conferences with each student which we will continue with on next week.  So it was a very productive and active day because all of the students had participated in the activities we had set forth.